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Retreats and ayahuasca ceremonies calendar


… for the persons who wish to experience Ayahuasca ceremonies in a safe way, both for the body and mind, guided by our coach and shamans, working together to help you reach your personnal goals, or to simply help you find to key to your wellbeing.
… para las personas que quieren vivir una experiencia de Ceremonias de Ayahuasca de manera segura, para el cuerpo y la mente, con nuestros chamanes y coaches guiandolos, trabajando para lograr a sus metas de vida o simplemente para encontrar o mejorar su bienestar.


1 night in the Maloca with an Ayahuasca ritual


  • Talk with the coach and the shaman
  • Night in the Maloca
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Limpieza“by the shaman



Shamanic initiation over a long WE
4 days / 3 nights package including :


or Package with lodging at the Lodge : $890 (Sgl) / $560/pers (Dbl/Trpl)

8 days / 7 nights package including :


or Package with lodging at the Lodge : $2100 (Sgl) / $1400/pers (Dbl/Trpl)

10 days / 9 nights package including :


or Package with lodging at the Lodge : $2650(Sgl) / $1700/pers (Dbl/Trpl)

15 days / 14 nights package including :


or Package with lodging at the Lodge : $3900(Sgl) / $2450/pers (Dbl/Trpl)


…ud tiene la posibilidad de venir en nuestro Centro en Quito para consultas de Coaching personalizadas. Son sesiones individuales, o en grupo, de 1-2 horas con Sebastien o Ambre. Trabajamos con tecnicas de PNL, Medicina Energetica/Litoterapia, Biologia Totale, tecnicas chamanicas, Naturopatia,… para ofrecer consultas de acuerdo a sus necesidades, sus metas, o para ayudar a arreglar problemas en su vida.

Cita al 0985909992 (Sebastien)

Retreats and ayahuasca ceremonies calendar

The Devas Center offers : shamanic voyage, ayahuasca ceremonies, shamanic and naturopathic retreats, combining ayahuasca reituals with therapeutic and modern coachng technics. The Ayahuasca ritual is a powerful tool in your search for wellbeing.

Shamanism combined with coaching and Naturopathy are excellent allies to (re)claim or improve harmony, balance and wellness. This process is to be done one step at a time, first cleansing the body and mind to reach a complete shamanic voyage.

Our shamans and coachs will guide you in a deep introspection work to put past and present suffurings into perspective, to help you answer questions that taunt you… to LET GO

All along your stay and especially after each shamanic ritual, our specialized coach will help you reap the benefits of your experience as best as possible.