Shamanic Wands charged through Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Having studied shamanism in the Amazon and Lithotherapy for a long time, I always used therapeutic wand for energetical cleansing, re-equilibrate Chakras, and conduct Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Now, I offer the possibility for others to get those wands, to be used wether for yourself or for therapies. They are all made on a base of carefully selected hard driftwood from special places (Galapagos Islands, volcanic beaches around the world,...) with powerful crystals for a large variety of uses.

Each one is unique, crafted by myself and then charged through several Ayahuasca ceremonies to reach its maximal energetical potential. Ayahuasca is often smeared on the wand during ceremonies and a mark might remain, this is perfectly normal.

Here is a selection. Anybody can ask for a wand for their special needs and I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information of pictures of the wands.

Light Chakras traveler's Wand
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Price : $140

Divi energetic cleanser's Wand
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Price : $350

Angel Warrior Shamanic Wand
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SOLD: $345

Clairevoyant Shamanic Wand
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PRICE : $330

Shamanic Wand - Blocage Remover
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SOLD- $275

Traveler's Wand
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Price : $50

Light and Darkness Wand
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SOLD : $175

Shamanic Spiritual Healing Wand
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SOLD $290