Sébastien Cazaudehore

Sébastien Cazaudehore : Anthropologist (PhD at the University of Queensland - Australia), founded the Hamadryade Lodge (www.hamadryade-lodge.com), Pratician of shamanic and energetic medecine (magnetism), NLP and Biological Decoding.

Taught at the FLMNE (Faculté libre de Médecine Naturelles et d'Ethnomédecine) in Energetic Medecine and Magnetism, he then followed the teachings and assisted a renowned shaman in the Paztasa region. He learnt various shamanics technics and the Ayahuasca rituals, combining the use of the sacred plant with energetic technics. 

Sébastien has been living a working the in Amazon since 2006 in the midst of local indigenous communities. Before that, he lived for over a year in a Huli clan in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. His knowledge of the amazonian anthropology and the ethnopharamopea have naturally brought him to pick an interest in the Amazonian shamanism and the Ayahuasca rituals, the queen of medicinal plants, the "remedy" as it is called here.