Prepare your shamanic retreat

Preparation to your Shamanic & naturopathic Journey :

“The better you prepare, the greater the experience”

The attitude you have  will have a direct effect on the experience that you will live. Your mood, the way you look at the world and the type of activities that you practice will directly impact on your health as well as the quality of your shamanic and naturopathic experience.

Know that your body must be prepared for the ceremonies with ayahuasca to reduce the chance that the plant interacts with other substances (such as medicines, alcohol, drugs, or dietary supplements etc.) that can be in your body. Besides, the purge can help you cleanse your body of harmful substances accumulated in your cells over the years.

So, before you confirm any reservation, the Devas center will give you a medical questionnaire to be completed and signed to validate your stay and we’ll take time to advise you best before arrival.

Restrictions imposed by the Devas Centre :

Do not consume medecines (consult us directly about that, especially regarding your medical treatment if any), alcohol, coffee, chocolate, at least two days before any ayahuasca ceremony. Drug use should be avoided completely for at least one month before your stay. Avoid canned foods, red meat, pork, spices and salt sucks or in excess. Do not take natural medicine, antibiotics or other (contact us for people using prescription drugs over long periods: corticosteroids, …), food supplements, vitamins. No food or drink with colorants or preservatives.

Guests of the Devas Centre, he will not be allowed to drink alcohol or take medicines prescribed or not, without notifying management, in agreement with the shaman.

Eat healthy, preferably organic. You can eat chicken or fish. Other recommendations: It is recommended to refrein from any sexual activity, a day before your arrival, because it can reduce your energy level, and affect how you react to the effects of Ayahuasca.

It is suggested for pregnant or menstruating to refrain from participating in shamanic ayahuasca ceremonies. Periods of pain or discomfort can lead to negative experiences with ayahuasca (for you, as well as for other participants).

What food and drugs need to be avoided

Medical form for the Ayahuasca ceremonies

Recommendations for the Mental and spiritual preparation prior to your shamanic and Naturopathic journey:

We recommend the practice of meditation, yoga or any familiar discipline in your religion or personal beliefs. If’re not practicing any, just try an honest prayer in the morning and at bedtime, which can be very effective.

You can have the best shamans of the world (including the Christ, Buddha, Krishna …) to conduct a ceremony, but if your heart does not want to change anything, nobody, except yourself, can change your destiny. Only you have the power to do so. Your heart is the best shaman ever.

The best approach is to be as positive as possible, cultivate honesty, love, gratitude, compassion, patience, humility, courage, mental strength and spiritual determination. Cultivate these values will help you achieve a better well-being, a vital serenity in your daily life, and take full advantage of the lessons of Ayahuasca

When you pray, do not ask that things miraculously arrive but ask for the opportunity to create miracles for yourself!