José Licuy

Heir of a long line of shamans over 7 generations, from fathers to sons, José Miguel Licuy Yumbo was born in 1942 in Archidona (Napo Province - Ecuador), in the birthplace of the territory of the Kishwa people of the Napo River. 15 years ago he was president of the shamans Yachac of the Amazonian province of the Napo. 

At 70 years old, he accepted to have his sacred shamanic chants recorded during healing ceremonies for future generations, so this knowledge would net disappear. Those are the chants you can hear on this page.


His father chose him when he was born so he could take his place after a long apprenticship from an early age. At 12 years old he was already considered a powerful shaman amongst the Kishwa people, Shuar people, and other ehtnic groups between Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. 60 years later, his visions, his spiritual energy his strength and his jolly mood are still serving any person who needs it. He heals the bodies as well as the wounds of the soul and mind, and helps any human being to rejoin their life path.