Coaching in Quito and Misahualli

« To have the DEVAS Center become a place where the will for an awakening is born and multiplies, this is my main goal. And with all my heart, I wish that the Center will help every single person who comes here, help them to LOVE themselves, to respect their bodies, care for them and listen to them ». Ambre Franrenet

The DEVAS Center facilitates personal revelations, like realising that we're all part of the Univers, binded and loved!

The Center offers a "program for growing" through shamanism and coaching, through the help and advices of our experts (chamans, coach, nutritionists,..). Our objective : accompany you towards the acceptation of unconditional love in order to write the scenario of your own life, as if it was a work of art, and to fully live it  !

We will accompany you all along your retreat to help you to  :

  • Define your life goals,

  • Keep a personnal follow-up,

  • Organize activities to get a better group dynamic,

  • Participate to your wellness by helping you get the right diet,

  • Respond to your preoccupations, and answer your questions…

And since many of us plebiscite a soft, natural medicine, more respectful of people and the environment, our center offers shamanic retreats and / or naturopathic, in accordance with our nature and Nature in general. Whether you come alone or in group, coaching sessions are included in the package.

As part of a retreat organized in groups, the coach and the shaman will work together with a maximum of 8 people, helping each other. You will be aware if you're to be doing the sessions in a group. And since there is nothing due to chance, group dynamics promotes awareness of common issues, it becomes easier to overcome them when identified together.

Whether you come for a personal journey - alone or in groups - there will be, in any case, a personal interview with the shaman (or naturopath according to the retreat you chose) and the coach. In addition, monitoring by skype is quite possible after your stay with us.

Amber graduated in Naturopathy et Aromatherapy.

As a personnal coach, you can follow her work (in the «boite à outils ») eand other news on her blog :

Sebastien Cazaudehore, La tourmente du Serpent1

Sebastien Cazaudehore
Coach de Vida (PNL, Medicina Energetica/litoterapia)
PhD AnthropoBiology (UQ Australia)
Chaman Ayahuasquero