Ayahuasca Ceremonies & Naturopathy

In the DEVAS Center we chose an approch to wellness mixing traditional amazonian shamanic rituals (Ayahuasca ceremonies from Ecuador) with the teachings from western cultures in order to allow you to reconnect or improve your general feeling of wellbeing. The Ayahuasca ceremonies and the limpiezas work perfectly with Naturopathic and Energetic medecine’s technics, and help greatly improving the results sought by someone as well as his/her general experience. All this is done so your wellness trip, your shamanic voyage or your spiritual retreat will unfold as nicely as possible.

In that section, we will cover many important points. Those information are essential for you to get a precise idea of the work we do in the Center and therefore to be able to assess if this is someting that is for you or not. The quality of your experience and the possibility to reach your goals require that you are confortable and that you feel perfectly confident. Do not overlook those information and please do contact us if you have any question.

All our retreats and Ayahuasca ceremony take place in the Amazon Jungle, in Ecuador, near Tena or in Quito.