Activities in packages like the « Shamanic & Naturopathic Voyage  » :

  • Discover natural sites around : primary and secondary rainforests, discover the Ceibo tree in Misahualli (a 4-500 years old giant tree), energetic bathing in the LATAS WATERFALLS, drinking infusions with medicinal plants.
  • Learn : the “Samouraï cleansing” (ritual), Floral shamanic Bath, walks in consciousness, meditation and breathing technics
  • Individual and group meetings with the shaman, brefing about the ceremonies and healing sessions.
  • Shamanic ceremonies, with or without Ayahuasca, with a « limpieza » done by the Shaman
  • Debriefing in group/individual coaching session

Optional and only with previous booking :

  • Massages : accupressure, Manual lymphatic drainage – Body care – Reflexology, facial treatments
  • Nturopathic checkup : coaching session to responsabilise a person to his/her own health, reajustment of certain habits, help get a better and healthier lifestyle. The use plants or food supplements can be helpful technics if it doesn’t become another habit.
  • Bio-energetic healing (Lecher’s antenna, magnetism)

Other optional activities, with prior booking and subject to availability :

  • Yoga
  • Discover the aromatherapy with essential oils 100% naturals, some of which extracted in the Amazon
  • Ceramics and painting workshops
  • Make natural soaps with products from Ecuador (Cocoa, Palo Santo etc.)
  • Specific limpieza (outside the ayahuasca ceremonies)
  • Canoe Ride on the Napo
  • Visit the indigenous community of Shiripuno and participate in the crafts workshops there (prepare chocolate from the beans, local danses, crafts, etc…)


PIRCES vary according to the number of participants

Recommandations : It is always preferable to favour moments of relaxation or meditation during the retreats. All the activities offered in the packages can be done with the chamanic and naturopathic initiation, however it is always best to avoid hardship and being under a strong sun for too long.