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Acuerdo Ministerial N° DM-2016-013

Welcome to the Devas Center for Natural Medecines and Personal Developpment

Ayahuasca center and Naturopathic retreats in Ecuador

In the shamanic vision, we know that any problem affecting the mind or the body is a sign of a perturbation affecting the bound that exists between us, our environment and the others in it. That dysharmony can be caused by many things like being oblivious of a part of ourselves,stepping outside our personnal road, conflicts in our surroundings, an emotional shock,... From that point of view, a disease and its symptoms can be the expression of an imbalance in the environment.

En la vision chamanica, sabemos que los problemas que afectan la mente o el cuerpo son senales de una perturbacion sobre el enlace que existe entre cada uno de nosotros, nuestro ambiente y los demas. Este disarmonia puede ser causada por varias cosas como ignorar de una parte de nosotos (emocional o otra), caminar a fuera de nuestro camino de vida, conflictos,... Desde este punto de vista, enfermedades y sintomas son el expresion de este disarmonia.


En nuestro centro en Quito, Devas ofrece varias opciones :

  • Terapias individuales en Coaching, PNL, Décodificacion biologica,...
  • Limpiezas Chamanicas,
  • Formaciones de desarollo personal en clases,
  • Consultas de Naturoterapia, alimentacion,...
  • Ceremonias de Ayahuasca.

Citas o informacion al 0985909992 (Sebastien)

In our center in Quito, Devas offers several options :

  • Individual therapy in Coaching, NLP, Biological decoding,...
  • Chamanic cleansing,
  • Group training in personal development in classes,
  • Consulting in Naturotherapy, nutrition,...
  • Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Appointments and info at 0985909992


En Misahualli, el Centro DEVAS ofrece varias opciones :

  • Retiros chamanicos, desde 3 noches hasta 15 dias,
  • Ceremonias de Ayahuasca,
  • Dietas chamanicas y otros rituales,
  • Coaching y terapias personales,
  • Formaciones en clases.

Informacion o citas : 0985909992 (Sebastien)

In Misahualli, the DEVAS center offers several options :

  • Shamanic retreats, from 3 nights to 15 days,
  • Ayahuasca ceremonies,
  • Shamanic diets and other rituals,
  • Coaching and personal therapies,
  • Personal Developpement seminars.

Info and appointments at 0985909992 (Sebastien)

To reconnect with our profound Nature, we need to reonnect to our inner-self and the surrounding Univers. Therefore, enjoy when receiving Nature's teachings in order to find one's place, in harmony, wherever in the world. This task can be done through Ayahuasca ceremonies or ayahuasca retreats guided by our experiences shamans, to allow yourself to open to the answers you need in order to reach the wellness you're seeking ; also, our Naturopath coach will accompany you along this introspection process.

Para reconectar con nosotros mismos, necesitamos reconectar con cada parte de nosotros y el Universo alrededor. Las ceremonias de Ayahuasca puede ayudar en este proceso, para poder abrirse a los demas, a si mismo, para lograr a llegar al bienestar que esta buscando.

The DEVAS Ayahuasca center and Naturopathic Center was created by Ambre Franrenet and Sébastien Cazaudehore, with the idea to reconnect humans with Nature. Together they used their skills to help every visitor to find his/her place so they can fully live their lives and help building a better world. They offer shamanic retreats, Ayahuasca retreats with specific diets. Those cures can be mixed with activities organized by professionals.

Our programs are made for people wishing to reconnect with Nature, using both shamanic and naturopathic tools, to rejoin that road leading to wellness and fullfilment in every aspect of one's life.

El Centro Ayahuasca DEVAS fue creado por Ambre Franrenet y Sebastien Cazaudehore, con la idea de ayudar seres humanos a reconectar con la Naturaleza y si mismos. Juntos, usan sus competencias para ayudar cada personas a encontrar su camino para poder vivir su vida de manera plena y armoniosa y poder ayudar a construir un mundo mejor.